Issue with copy&paste out of vault pdf files

Hey there,

for my article archive I drop a PDF paper with many small articles in my vault.
After that, I create a new note for every article out of this PDF. Then I mark the article in the PDF file (out of Obsidian) and try to copy & paste it in the note.
Unfortunately that procedure does not reliable work.
I need to hold the Strg+C buttons for et least 3 seconds and sometimes I need to hack the buttons several times till the system got the article in the cache.

Does anyone got the same problems?

It seams, that I need to copy the text once, then I paste it in the Windows editor (nothing happend) and when I copy the text the 2nd time it is in the cache … but I need to paste it in the editor, I can’t just press two times the copy shortcut…

Am I the only person with this problems?

Here another workaround:

After you opend the pdf out of Obsidian (I droped it in a folder) und need to press the “fit to page” button once. After that, you can mark the text u want and copy&paste it in a note.

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