Issue with Code Comment Blocks Merging When Removing a Comment

When using Obsidian for Markdown editing, I’ve encountered an issue where removing a code comment causes it to attach itself to the previous comment block. This disrupts the structure and readability of the document.

Expected Behavior :
After deleting a code comment, the following and preceding comment blocks or text should remain separated.

Actual Behavior:
The remaining comment block merges with the preceding block of text or comment, removing the separation.


Additional Information:
This issue impacts the organization of my notes, making it hard to manage large Markdown files with multiple comment blocks.

Possible Solution:
I am not certain how to fix this, is this a plugin behavior or a obsidian itself and I would appreciate any help or recommendations on how to maintain the separation between code comment blocks.

This is not a bug. By deleting the you are extending the previous code block to the next.

Thank you for the response and for clarifying that this is not a bug. I understand that deleting a code comment extends the previous code block to the next one, now. Is there a solution or workaround for deleting two commenting tags at once to prevent this from happening?

Use alt-click to get two cursors.

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