Issue redirecting logo and website name to external landing page and custom font


I have an issue in publishing my custom js and css for redirecting the links on the logo and website name to my landing page (external to obsidian) and custom font implementation.

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to achieve two things:

  1. having the logo and name of the website pointing at the landing page I built for the website (currently they point at the first page of my published notes)

  2. change the font of the body of text (paragraph and lists) to a custom one (google font: Montserrat)

Things I have tried

Regarding 1), I tried both adding the link as an attribute in the html (href) and add an eventlistener to the logo and name of the website. The eventlistener does not work at all, while adding the href attribute works but is not executed (ie if I inspect the page I see the href I have set in the javascript but when I click on the link it does not go to the target website). I don’t get any error in the console.

Regarding 2), I added the css for styling the font of the elements in the page and it is working for every type of title but not for the body of text (e.g. paragraphs or lists).

I already tried the advice I found on the forum (eg making sure that the js and css file are in the root folder, clear the cache). I am quite new to coding so let me know if you need any additional information.

Any advice is highly appreciated.


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