Issue between Left ribbon and Left sidebar button

In my theme Dune, I’ve added an option to hide the left ribbon, this causes the left sidebar button to become unresponsive in fullscreen on mac, but on windows this gets even worse as somebody reported me. The Left sidebar button seems unresponsive both in fullscreen and in window mode on windows computers.

The left sidebar button is a child of the side-dock-ribbon-mod-left, which is part of the problem.

    margin-left: calc(-1 * var(--ribbon-width)); 

--ribbon-width is a default value in obsidian and is: 44px

I’ve removed the left margin to hide the ribbon, because display: none would remove the Left sidebar button as well.

What are your suggestions?

Since I wrote this post to get this feature working, I’d prefer to hear not answers like, give up and use default settings, because that would be obvious, thanks .