Is using Google One for vault safe?

I know this question has been asked many times, but I can’t find an answer to it, because many threads are closed. Can someone take me through the process of using google one as storage for my vault and making it safe? I would love to use it for mobile sync.

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I used it for almost a year without issue to sync between my Windows and Android devices. Install the Google Drive client on your desktop/laptop and store the vault on your Google Drive. Then on the Android device, use the DriveSync app to two-way sync the Google Drive folder to your phone/tablet. You’ll want to be careful about making edits on both devices around the same time as that’s likely to cause syncing conflicts. The same process works with OneDrive using the OneSync app.

To be safe, I’d recomend closing obsidian completely when you are done. That will ensure a full sync when it’s reopened, and help avoid conflicts.

Thanks a lot. But I like obsidian because it provides encryption and high security. Can I obtain that while using google as a third part for my vault?
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I doubt that would make for a good, reliable workflow, even if it’s possible.

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