Is this the tab bar?

What I’m trying to do

Screen Shot 2023-05-16 at 11.25.30 AM

Whatever it is it got changed to this color somehow. I don’t like it. Previously it was the same color as the bottom half of the image.

Things I have tried

I was poking around in Minimal theme and Style Settings settings earlier this morning. I don’t believe I changed anything. May have sampled some settings, but as best I can recall didn’t keep them.

I’ve rechecked the Minimal and Style Settings settings. Looking for something I might have changed inadvertently. Didn’t find anything.

Hoping someone can identify it for me and tell me where to change it back.

You can change it via custom css: .workspace-tab-header-inner-icon

(You can use the developers tool for inspecting class names: ctrl + shift + i)

Never mind. Checked minimal settings. Turned off Colorful window frame. That was it.

Thanks. While you were writing I found what I and how to get it back. I can install snippets created by others. Not yet able to create my own. I’m learning my way around Obsidian. But non-coder non-hacker.

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