Is there anyway to disable all plugins just to find the cause of a problem in Obsidian that will allow me to reenable all of them quickly afer I found the one that is messing up with Obsidian?

Things I have tried

Nothing so far because I do not want to break my current installation with plugins enabled.

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to detect the plugin that might be causing a problem. I just need to find a quick way to disable all plugins that will allow me to reenable all of them quickly as well once I find the cause of the problem.


The Divide & Conquer plugin can help with that.


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Another option would be to duplicate your .obsidian folder and/or your entire Vault. Do tests, and then copy back the unaltered files, and remove whatever you found in the test version.

Personally, I keep my entire vault including settings in a git repository. So I can snapshot before I do any tests or major changes, and always have a point to return to if something goes wrong. But that’s part of more general advice to backup and snapshot regularly!

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