Is there anyway I can create new note like that?

Things I have tried

In the editor window, you put [[new note]] and bring up context menu to create the note. a new note is created, and It is ok.
but If it do this [[/folder/sub-folder/new note]] the context menu will not get you there. obsidian only prompts “folder already exists” with a callout. I am using Windows 10.

What I’m trying to do

to find solution for creating new note name[[/folder/sub-folder/new note name]] by making using editor’s context menu or any pluggins.

Another Windows user here, running Obsidian version 0.14.15. Which Obsidian version are you running?
I have my setting for new links (in the Settings → Files & Links page) set to “Absolute path in vault” because that works for how I personally think about file paths - link behavior may differ with other settings here.

The following links all worked for me (I could create new note with the context menu, then navigate to the note by clicking the link):
[[test]] %% file test in vault root directory %%

[[/inbox/test]] %% file test in folder inbox in my vault root %%
[[inbox/test]] %% same as above %%

[[inbox/test 2]] %% file “test 2” in folder inbox %%
[[/inbox/test 2]] %% same as above %%

I do have some plugins enabled, but I cannot think of any that would be causing this difference in behavior.

Once you make a note inside a sub-folder, do your links to it work properly?

I’ll try it out and come back to you.

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It works, thank you very much. Just change the setting, marvelous. thank you.

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