Is there anyone who can develop a plugin that allows users to edit text and mathematical expressions in a manner similar to OneNote or TeXmacs?

Is there anyone who can develop a plugin that allows users to edit text and mathematical expressions in a manner similar to OneNote or TeXmacs?

My Opinion:
Regarding text (or mathematical expressions), functions such as modifying fonts, font colors, adding various colored highlights, and clearing formatting settings are commonly found in many document editing software. These features are also frequently used for note-taking and are considered basic editing functionalities. (OneNote performs well in this aspect, but unfortunately, its search function is lacking, and backlinks are absent, which is why Iā€™m considering switching to Obsidian.)

Obsidian requires the use of CSS syntax to achieve certain text formatting, while mathematical expressions necessitate LaTeX syntax. Using CSS to modify text formatting or inputting mathematical expressions with LaTeX makes the process of writing or modifying notes cumbersome. Ordinary users would likely prefer an easy note-writing experience, yet it has become time-consuming to learn how to use Obsidian for note-taking, resulting in a loss of convenience (and efficiency).

Hoping for a plugin that could offer the following functionalities:

1.Text Editing

Users can select the desired text block with the mouse and choose various settings (fonts, text color, various colored highlights, etc.) from the toolbar. They should also be able to clear formatting settings, which is evidently much faster than writing CSS.

2.Mathematical Expression Input (OneNote or TeXmacs-like input mode)

Inputting ā€œ\int<space>ā€ or ā€œx^<space>ā€ should display mathematical symbols and placeholders. Users can continue inputting mathematical expressions in the desired positions by using arrow keys or clicking on placeholders. (In contrast, LaTeX requires finding the correct brackets within a string of text before continuing input or modification.)

Users can select mathematical symbols within an expression by dragging the mouse or using Shift + arrow keys. They should be able to modify colors, add colored highlights, or clear settings from the toolbar. (Compared to LaTeX, this method is simpler and faster, reducing eye fatigue.)

Users should be able to select both mathematical expressions and regular text simultaneously by dragging the mouse, and apply highlights or modify font colors concurrently, rather than separately. For instance: ā€œ$\sigma^2$ is variance.ā€ Currently, applying color or highlights to this text requires separate actions, which is quite cumbersome.

If there could be a user-friendly and simple editing environment, I believe Obsidian would be even more welcomed. Hopefully, someone could develop a plugin with these features.

For the text editing, you could try the editing toolbar plugin, or the cmenu.

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It appears that cMenu and Editing toolbar cannot apply highlights to text with an underline. If a user wishes to apply different formatting settings (such as bold + highlight) to the same section of text, they must be mindful of the sequence, or else there could be syntax errors. Alternatively, they might need to repeatedly select the text using the mouse. These simple formatting adjustments become cumbersome when applied in Obsidian.

In contrast, achieving this in OneNote or certain common text editing software is easily accomplished.