Is there an easy way to customize something (page count) in the status bar?

I’ve had a look at some plugins that do things with the status bar but I just don’t understand enough of it.

I’d like a way to customize the status bar. Specifically, I’m looking for a way to give me an estimate page count. I thought the easiest way would be simply to divide the word count by X amount of words; something I’d just estimate to give me a rough overview.

So like if you say you’d have 400 words on a page, that simple thing in the status bar would divide the amount of words in the note by 400 and give you a page count.

Is this possible?

Edit: So I found the plugin “Reading Time”, (GitHub - avr/obsidian-reading-time) and effectively just switched a few things in the code. I do NOT understand programming or even the plugin but I think it sort of worked. If anyone’s interested in this “Page Count” plugin, I could make a repostitory, but it’s really just a Search-and-Replace from the Reading Time plugin.

If anyone has any better solutions, I’d still be interested in those :slight_smile:

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