Is there a way to tell Obsidian not to re-index certain folders or files?

Things I have tried

I have siloed the large folders full of thousands of .htm files. They are offline software documentation that I like to link to but I never change. I do understand that perhaps properties changing like date accessed are triggering the indexing. In order to look for answers, I have searched the help and forum. I also have looked into Windows 10 indexing information because I figured that maybe Obsidian was piggybacking on this functionality. But, in the end, the task manager repeatedly tells me that it is Obsidian whose current power usage is very high while its power usage trend is very low. By the way, the startup indexing hardly takes a moment if that. I have tried disabling plugins and themes.

What I’m trying to do

If I could tell Obsidian not to “re-index” these files and folders, if such a thing exists, it would save me from having to slow down my workflow so that my laptop can get through the task without getting a bit heated. I have tested temporarily removing these folders for a few days a couple days at a time, multiple times, and without fail, each time I remove the folders I don’t get those intense 5 minutes of indexing that put me and my computer on edge.

Thanks so much!

Can you place those html files outside the vault and then link to them as needed with a file system link? Maybe even embed them.

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I appreciate your response and would love to know a little more about how you might suggest implementing something like that for easy use. I am definitely open to the idea. But until I figure that alternative plan out, I would really like to be able to keep these .htm files in my vault. Over time, I have built up a little system that makes it quite easy to link to web pages I know will never change because I have them in my vault, with no need to move them around and therefore misplace them.

I have a little macro that, in this example, will grab just the exact number of ending characters in the address whether I am on the local offline version in my vault or the online live web documentation. So, something like can become something like [[GUID-98D34281-A01F-4495-9246-9CCA14C41AE9.htm|Render Elements - MXS ref]] with relative ease. And because all the .htm files are in my vault, I can use it offline and even bookmark it, etc in my browser.

The system works well enough for me that I have been ok living with the computer heating up. It just feels like it might be doing damage to my computer, and kind of feels unnecessary since I never modify those .htm files. Again, I really appreciate your response, but in a way, although interested in alternatives, I still would like these files in my vault at the end of the day.


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