Is There a Way to Set Line Spacing?

Is there a way to set line spacing between paragraphs, bulleted items and numbered items? I want more space for readability without having to enter any blank lines.


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Via Obsidian’s custom CSS handling, yes. See #custom-css.

Have you looked at the community themes? Some of those might have different line spacing options.

Else, post here and we can investigate how to increase line height on page text.

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I’m not familiar with css enough. Which css code can be used to change the line spacing? Thanks, D.

The answer depends on what you want to change exactly. Please take a look at the various guides on the forum: e.g., Common Selectors for Custom CSS

My css is super basic… I can’t work out how to do this.

Ideally I’d like some extra spacing between paragraphs / top-level bullets to aid readability. But ideally keep any child bullets etc ‘stuck’ to the parent bullet.

Can someone point me to the right bit of css? Thanks!!


were you able to find any? I have the same request (adding some space separating paragraphs and bullet points)

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+1 I’d like to set this up too (in editor mode, for clarity of reading and composing text)

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Found the answer here in the forum: How to adjust the line height with CSS? - #4 by andrademfg

The object you need to change in css is .CodeMirror pre.CodeMirror-line
See link for details.


I discovered you can add an extra space by inserting <br> after a paragraph. It’s currently my workaround for now.