Is there a way to put the close button somewhere to the top right edge?

I often use the close button to close a .md file. (Befor you answer: Yes, I could use …)
I’d like to see a close button somewhere at the right top edge of the open .md file.


At the moment I have to do 2 clicks. (In Tiddlywiki5 one can configure close, clone, …)

Any CSS?

Are you using a custom theme? Or am I misunderstanding you?

There should already be an X in the top right of each note. This is version 1.0.0:

And looking at older screenshots to confirm, older versions also had an X close button.

Or is it somewhere else you mean?

I found a solution.


The fourth icon from the right closes the current note, the fifth all other notes.

It works with commander plugin Plugins - Obsidian and these settings:

Don’t forget to push the button:

And set the switch to:

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