Is there a way to preview entire embedded markdown files without scrollbar?

I am embedding markdown files, and would prefer that they show in their entirety in preview. Currently, the longer files are previewed with scrollbars.

Thanks for the help.

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No way to do this now. I would say this is a good #feature-requests

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Thanks. Just posted one.

Has anything come out of this? Since I’m mostly embedding (longer) blocks, I would love to have them entirely without scrollbar.

Here is the link to my request: Embedded .md files in entirety (without scrollbar)

I can’t guarantee the CSS tweak that is mentioned is exactly what we are looking for, but thanks for reminding me. I kind of gave up on many of my requests with the hopes I will be pleasantly surprised with an update someday. Actually, finding out about great new features happens so often it no longer feels like a surprise and honestly has kind of slowed me down with the constant requests.

I kind of just assume they will get around to it. Saying this out loud, obviously I realize this is no excuse for not pushing new ideas as I have them, although it is a little bit of extra work here and there.

Anyways, thanks for asking.

Thanks for the link! I’ll post there as well, since the linked css tweak doesn’t seem to work on 0.10.2.