Is there a way to monitor any network calls made by plugins?

I know that I can use Fiddler to monitor all the outgoing network calls and filter by the Obsidian process.

I am curious to know, if there is any way to monitor the network calls made by the app or any plugins from within the app (maybe using another plugin?)

You can also open the developer tools by pressing Ctrl-Shift-I on Windows/Linux or Cmd-Opt-I on macOS, and then go to the “Network” tab to see all outgoing connections.

You could technically extract this data with a plugin, but I don’t see the use in that.


but I don’t see the use in that

Just to know if any plugin in sending any data over the wire. I personally prefer plugins that work entirely offline, given that the app itself is offline xD

Given that there is already the network tab and external tools to view network traffic, writing a plugin would be a unecesary.

There have been discussions about this in the past:

TLDR: Checking the security of plugins with another plugin is either a really bad idea, or straight up not possible.

The idea-- that it’s a bad idea-- is a bad idea.