Is there a way to make notes creation as automatic as possible?

What I’m trying to do

I use Obsidian for taking notes at university. However, I am facing difficulty when it comes to my Philosophy of Anthropology course. I take notes during the lectures, but the issue arises when I don’t have enough time to complete the required post-lecture work. This work includes organizing the notes, breaking them down into smaller sections to atomize them, assigning titles to each section, establishing connections between them, improving their overall professionalism (as I write them quickly during class), and then structuring them into indexes. It’s a lot of work, and I feel that dedicating a significant amount of time to this process might not be worth it.

As a solution, I use ChatGPT to help me rewrite everything in a more professional manner and organize it all at once, which only takes a few minutes. However, I would like to make this process even more automated.

Is there a plugin in Obsidian that allows me to create separate, independent notes within a single document, possibly separated by dividers to indicate different notes? And perhaps, under each divider, have a line indicating the title of the note, so that with a hotkey or shortcut, I can automatically create them all at once?

Do you do all of this during class? I would recommend not doing that and focusing on that during weekends and off hours.

The most important thing is that you are getting things down and learning. Organizing everything should come last. Obsidian’s search is fast and powerful enough to not need organization as much as you seem to be prioritizing it.

There are built-in plugins like Note Refractor that allows you to refractor notes (separate and combine notes) and then you can use ![NoteTitle] to include the entire note or just include headers and what not with dividers --- in between.

I don’t believe there is anything that can do all of this automatically cause how would the plugin know where you wanted to separate notes or headings or what have you? It wouldn’t. Seems to advanced for anything to do.

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Use an H2 header for each section within the note. Use Refactor plugin and refactor notes on H2 headers.

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