Is there a way to create a dynamic table of content in a separate file?

I have a folder with a bunch of files, each of them having various headings and subheadings. I’ve discovered that I can create a table of content with a couple of plugins (this and this), but they have a couple of problems:

  • they create the TOC for the selected file in the file itself. What I would like is to have a separate file that only contains the TOC for other files. At the moment I’m forced to insert manually each internal link to headings of every file, which is a bit inconvenient;
  • the plugin that builds dynamic TOCs doesn’t work very well: if I have multiple panes opened and I click another pane, the TOC disappear from the first one unless I refocus that pane. This implies that I cannot even create a TOC inside the file and reference that block in the index file, because the TOC just disappear once I change focus.

Is there a plugin or workaround for this?

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