Is there a way to contribute (code)?

I’m a few days into using Obsidian and I’m obsessed. I’ve migrated all of my Notion pages over.

I know this is a closed source product from a company – but is there an opportunity for people to help contribute some low hanging fruit features? I love the “Daily Notes” plugin and would love to add simple things like “Tomorrow” or “Yesterday”.

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Not sure about contributions to the core of the app, but the developers are working on a plugin API for the 1.0 release so that people can expand the app on their own.


Wow! I’m so excited to hear that people are migrating from Notion!

Yes, you’ll have the possibility to write your own plugin and to offer them to the community as soon as Obsidian team release Obsidian V1 and it’s API.
Stay tuned :grinning: