Is there a way to check integrity of a vault?

I feel uneasy about integrity of my Obsidian vault synced via iCloud. Is there a way to check that files are missing or not updated? I sometimes discover missing notes on one of the machines, which only lowers my confidence since clearly I’m not checking all my notes. I’m not talking about iCloud issues per se - such issues can happen with any synchronization methods. I’m looking for a watchdog to check integrity of my note collection.

Any hints?

Maybe do a

diff -qr folder1 folder2

every once in awhile?

you ought to upgrade your obsidian-related arsenal: use ‘git’

Diff is certainly an option. Was hoping for a bit more integrated solution. I guess one may argue that it’s not an Obsidian issue, but the storage one, i.e. the storage should guarantee integrity. Clearly iCloud doesn’t cut it for me.

@Yurcee, not sure I understand your suggestion. Having a version control for all notes and files with commits will be a lot of work.

you have a gui (github desktop, gitkraken, etc.) open with your obsidian and can see diff at all times
icloud can be ditched