Is there a way to add a prefix to the daily note, instead of only the date as the title I would like to use the date but add the initials DN in front of the date

Things I have tried

I have tried using the title in the front matter, but that won’t change anything. I know the settings in core plugins is where the date is set but I don’t know how to include a prefix. Any help is appreciated.

What I’m trying to do

The Periodic Notes plugin can apparently handle that: GitHub - liamcain/obsidian-periodic-notes: Create/manage your daily, weekly, and monthly notes in Obsidian

Use square brackets. Anything inside square brackets is treated as free-text and won’t be interpreted into a date.

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Thank you so much. I need to get up to speed on Markdown

In fairness, that’s not Markdown. :slightly_smiling_face:

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