Is there a way to add a file size indicator for Obsidian?

Is there a way to add a file size indicator for Obsidian?

I’d love a file size indicator next to each file because that way I’d instantly know whether the file contains a lot of text, or just a little text.

If the file contains just a little text, chances are it needs more work.
On the othe rhand, if the file is very big, chances are it needs editing to cut it down.

I think a visual representation would be best, say based upon some heuristic that checks the average size of each file, and tells if the file is below or above the normal size file. This would help immensely in spotting files that need more work, either because they’re too large, or too small compared to the average.

I’ve give this a try for now. You can choose three data types to display.

Data to show. You can choose up to three data types to display side by side. Choose from the following:

Data Type Description Notes
Word count Total words. By default, a “word” is any sequence of non-whitespace characters. To change this, see Advanced > Word Count Method.
Page count Total pages, rounded up. By default, a page is 300 words. To change this, see Advanced > Page Count Method.
Page count (decimal) Total pages, precise to 2 digits after the decimal. Any settings that would apply to Page Count also apply to Page Count (decimal).
Reading Time Estimated time to read each note. By default, this is calculated at 265 words per minute (European languages) or 500 characters per minute (CJK). To change this, see Advanced > Words per minute/Characters per minute.
% of Word Goal Percent of word goal for each note. See Setting goalsbelow.
Character count Total characters (letters, symbols, and numbers). By default, whitespace characters are included. To change this, see Advanced > Character Count Method.
Note count Total notes. Many people prefer to show this information on folders only; to do so, untoggle “Show same data on folders” and configure it as a data type there.
Link count Total linksto other notes. Only internal links are counted; Obsidian doesn’t count links to web pages.
Embed count Total embeddedimages, files, and notes.
First alias The first alias of each note. If a note has no alias, nothing is shown. Since folders don’t have aliases, they also show nothing.
Created date The date the note was created. On a folder, this shows the earliest creation date of all notes in the folder.
Last updated date The date the note was last updated. On a folder, this shows the latest edit date of all notes in the folder.
File size Total size on your hard drive.
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Omg! Thanks for the great effort!

This is a really nice starting point!

There are some pitfalls to watch out for when making a statistical program or plugin, so some statistical fail safes should probably also be built in so that you avoid outliers, such as huge log files affecting the results. If you think of a bell curve, you’d probably like to cut off the extremes.

Is it possible to turn off pages? I don’t need that personally, but it’s really nice to know the amount of words and characters in any given file. Also I’d really like a measure of the average and median counts as a rough way to gauge if any given file needs work or not.