Is there a way at all to start a new note editing the body NOT title?

Things I have tried

I used templater to set the cursor, I looked for a setting that can do this, I just about did any hack to work around having to press enter each time a new note is created to get away from having to spend my time thinking about a title, then forgetting what I was going to write because I am now distracted with having to think about a title to summarise all the ideas in my head.

What I’m trying to do

I just really want new notes to start with the cursor in the body so I can type straight away - without having to press enter for each and every note (or in the case of mobile, keep tapping somewhere else interrupting flow)

When I am done, I can go back to inputting a title for the note.

Please let me know how I can achieve this very basic feature is driving me insane (slowly)

I haven’t tried it, but I saw this article that sounds like it could be your answer:
Cursor placement in Templates plugin (preferably also for Daily Notes template) - Feature archive - Obsidian Forum

So it seems you’re already using Templater, and tried the tp.file.cursor() without it doing anything. I did the same before discovering that you either have to trigger the hotkey to jump to next cursor, or enable the Automatic jump to cursor within Settings > Templater.

Try enabling that setting, and then placing the tp.file.cursor() where you want to start typing.

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