Is there a plugin to make uploading and publishing unsupported files as effortless as supported files?

If I drag a 5 GB CAD file into Obsidian, it’s a local link, which is perfect on my local computer, but useless when I use Obsidian Publish.

I have a 16TB web server on my NAS, I have paid cloud hosting services, etc… but nothing is as effortless as just dragging and dropping from my desktop, to Obsidian.

My question is: Has anyone, as annoyed at the file size/type limitations of Publish as me, figured out an equivalently effortless drag-and-drop solution to getting unsupported files published? Perhaps you pay for a hosting account, and when you drag an unsupported file into Obsidian, a Plugin uploads the file and replaces the local link with a public web link. Anyone?

Feel free to give creative, out-of-the-box advice for my predicament as well. Thanks.

My current best thought is perhaps I can create a MacOS Automator icon, for which I drag-and-drop a file, and it silently puts a markdown URL into my clipboard, which I can just paste into Obsidian.

My other wild feature request idea - let us input our AWS API key into a “just bill me for the hosting” box in Obsidian settings, to unlock all file restrictions. That’d be on top of the Publish subscription.