Is there a plugin to create structured data in a single note?

So essentially I am trying to fill a gap, where for some notes I just want to keep a running log of data (repeated entries with the same fields), without making separate notes for every little thing (then pulling them together with dataview).

I understand I can do arrays/lists with yaml front matter but I want to do it in-note. (Bonus if it can be queried in some way).

Any ideas?

Native search is very powerful. If you show a few examples of what you are or are thinking to write in a note and what you want to pull out, I’m sure folks can point you in the right direction.

Take the json below for example (it could be yaml I’m just giving an example of the structure). Let’s say I want to keep a running log with those same 3 fields within a single note, and be able to quickly add additional entries later on.

I suppose I could put this in frontmatter and query it using dataview in the actual note. However, I often use multi-paragraph strings and I don’t believe that works in DV. Also, I’m guessing the new properties will not support arrays of objects (or whatever the yaml equivalent is).

Just wondering if there is a more elegant solution/plugin out there for this.

        "Date":  "8/21/23",
        "Activity":  "Update tags",
        "Name":  "John Doe"
        "Date":  "8/19/23",
        "Activity":  "Refactor",
        "Name":  "John Doe"

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