Is there a plugin for better ergonomics for in file links?

I’m a recent obsidian convert, and I’d like to know if there’s a plugin or something for this usecase.

When I try to link a note to the current folder by typing “[]”, a list of notes appears that I can fuzzy search.
Is there something similar for titles on the same note itself?

Something like this:

  - [section1](#section1)
  - [section2](#sectio) <-- when I type that, the plugin would show a menu of titles that I can fuzzy search

.... content content

# section1  <-- if I edited the section name, it would be also very useful to autoupdate the index link
bla bla bla
# section2
bla bla bla

To show link suggestions for headings in the current note, type [[#.

To update links when you edit a header, right-click the heading and choose “Rename”. On mobile, place the cursor on the heading’s line and use the “Rename heading” command.

That’s it, thank you very much!

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