Is there a paid app that uses Obsidian as its engine / base while making it super easy to use?

Wondering if there is a paid app out there for Windows / Web that uses Obsidian as its base/engine/foundation but makes it super easy to use? Is there a paid version of Obsidian itself that does that?

If you’re referring to syncing between devices, have a look at Obsidian Sync. It makes it very easy.

Can you clarify what makes it hard to use, so we can make specific recommendations?

WYSIWYG editor for starters

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WYSIWYG is already on the roadmap under short term(Trello), but for the time being there are plugins and css snippets that can create a more WYSIWYG experience.

Also you can easily use any other editor working from a folder of files like Typora. A lot of people here often use it for WYSIWYG or for working with Tables.

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