Is there a Markdown editor class that doesn't depends on the view?

Hi, I have started to develop a plugin to create character sheets for a friend’s homebrew RPG system.
To do so, I had to use a lot of custom components but one I can’t handle myself is the markdown editor. And I cannot find a way to add one as a simple field in my view.

I currently use the MarkdownSourceView class with a lot of workarounds to make it almost usable, but I’m wondering if there is a better way to add an markdown editor with only a HTMLElement (and preferably no file as it’s not meant for files edition). I would really like to avoid using the view since I want to add more than one editor per view.
I tried to have a look at the code but most of the classes I could use are not exported.

The workarounds

In my component :

constructor(parent: HTMLElement, name: string, view: View)
	super(parent, name);
	this.view = view;
	this.editor = new MarkdownSourceView(view);
	this.compElmt.addEventListener("contextmenu", () => this.view.editor = this.editor.editor, { capture: true });

In my view :

editor: any;
requestSave() {}
triggerQuickPreview() {}
onMarkdownFold() {}
onMarkdownScroll() {}

I found I could use

const editor = app.embedRegistry.getEmbedCreator({ extension: "md" })({
    linktext: null,
    sourcePath: null,
    containerEl: this.compElmt,
    displayMode: false,
    showInline: false,
    depth: 0
}, null);
editor.editable = true;

but it don’t seems cleaner and I’m getting errors with files.

Hello. Did you continue to work on this project? I’m curious about it :eye: