Is there a limit to the number of blocks you can see via Name+caret popup?

Things I have tried

I searched in the Help and on this Forum and didn’t find anything about this question specifically.

What I’m trying to do

Wanted to link to a specific block in a long note containing all Readwise highlights of a book. So within [[ ]], I typed the name of the note followed by ^ . This worked fine – except that the window that popped open, which should show all blocks, did not. Instead it simply stopped at about 25% of the blocks in the note. Remaining blocks are visible when I open the note in a new pane, of course. But they are not visible in the pop-up for linking.

What I am wondering, then, is this: Is there a limit on the number of blocks that can be shown via this ^ code? If so, why? And can I get an idea of what the limit is? Better yet, will some future build dispense with this limitation? Linking to blocks within a note is a superpower that I love about Obsidian. Disappointed to see that I can’t do it in long notes.


I think it might be this one:

Ah! So it is. That didn’t come up the way I searched the forum. Thanks!

I think what is confusing people here is that the suggestion list looks like it’s just the first part of the note. If I had seen anything from far down in the note, I would might have put 2 and 2 together. Maybe in a future release this could be clarified with a label? Like – duh – “Suggested Blocks, Type To Refine” ?

Anyway, appreciate the quick answer!


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