Is there a calendar plugin that can support adding holidays? I really want this to work

What I’m trying to do

Get a calendar plugin that supports holidays.

Things I have tried

I scavenged the internet to try to find something like this but it just doesn’t seem to exist. Only one thing I found is obsidian-calendar-plugin (the light one) has a custom css snippet on github for it that can mark a day to be favourite but it’s just a bit lackluster.

I have holidays using GitHub - davish/obsidian-full-calendar: Keep events and manage your calendar alongside all your other notes in your Obsidian Vault.

I just have the .ics added from Google’s holiday calendar.

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Unfortunately full calendar is too broad in functionalities for me. I just need to be able to easily see days and holidays and I want to write these holidays by myself so I can also keep track of other people’s birthdays.

You don’t need to use all the functionality you know. You could import the holidays, and have recurring events for the birthdays.

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Ok, I gave it another try and I might be able to go with it. So what I think I should be able to do with this plugin is sync its calendar with a calendar on google calendar? Personally I’ve never used any calendar like this properly before so I don’t know much. I made a few searches and I know there are .ics and .ical calendars that are just open source structures with days and events.

You don’t even need a google calendar if you don’t currently use one. You just need a .ics url to a holiday calendar.

Super quick google search came up with: Free 2023 iCal Calendar Holidays – Import to Google, Mac, Outlook which looks like it might fill your need. Just pick a calendar and add the url to the Full Calendar plugin.


Thank you but what about birthdays? Can I put them there too or are these just templates with holidays to download?

If you’re using full calendar, you can add any events you want to it. So I would just add birthdays that way.

The icals in the link I shared are just public calendars that you can add so they show up in your calendar. Holidays being one example.

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I couldn’t find the functionality of adding yearly events in the full calendar plugin.

I think you’re correct about that.

Not ideal, but a workaround: create a birthdays calendar in google calendar (or your chosen calendar service) then share that ics link into Obsidian. Can’t edit the events in Obsidian, but they’d at least be there if you’re trying to make this your main calendar.

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