Is the Obsidian Help site page on YAML front matter still accurate?

I consult the Help site now and then to see if anything has changed on specific topics. I just noticed the “as of .12.12” on the YAML Front Matter page. Has anything else been added to default Obsidian YAML support since then?

I hate to add this but please don’t recommend plugins on this post. I am well aware of plugins and have been a web developer for 20+ years. I am asking about the core product.

Not that I know of, but changes are (I think) on the way. The release notes for v1.1.0 mention a new API repo, and the repo itself refers to ‘bigger improvements to metadata and frontmatter in Obsidian’.

Don’t know what all of this means and how it relates to YAML as it is currently used, but posting just in case it is of any use to you. Apologies if I am barking up the wrong tree.

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That’s good info, thank you. It also reminded me to read about Canvas, I had no idea that it’s part of core Obsidian. Thanks!

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