Is possible to make the tags in dataview works similar to the tags panel?

So in the tag panel, when you click the tag, it leads you direct to the part of the note that the tag was writed (assuming its not in yaml). But when i query the same tags in dataview it doesn’t make the same approach, hence the question, if there is a way to make it happens

@holroy do you know if this is possible bro ?

I’m not entirely sure I understand your scenario, as if I’m doing this query to search for “bird” tags:

LIST file.tags
WHERE contains(file.tags, "bird")

If you click on the note, it’ll go to the note, but if you click on the #bird tag in the resulting query, it’ll show the search result, as my tags panel also does.

So maybe your answer is that your query should list the actual tags it locates, and not only the files where it finds those tags?

And potentially, you could want to filter out just the tags you search for, but there are a lot of ifs-and-when depending on your base query here.

thanks for the support
just to explain,
suppose i have note 1 and note 2 , and the tag #bird on both, the tag #bird is in the bottom of note 1 , and in the upper part of note 2
i would like to query all notes that have #bird, but when i click, instead of it taking me to the entire file, i would like to go to the part of the note that the #bird is
so if i click note 1, i should go to the bottom (where the tag is)

I don’t know what the search function uses to be able to go to the line of its search result, but as far as I know we can’t make that link ourself.

That special kind of link, most likely going to a specific line in the target file, isn’t available for us to use.

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