Is outline core plugin unusable for markdown files with frontmatter?

Hello, I’m very new to obsidian, trying to migrate from notion and typora.

Here’s my situation

My notes consist of .md and .mdx files, and every single one of them has a frontmatter.

Things I have tried

  • installing the mdx as md plugin, but it only helped in opening the mdx files.
  • adding a first-level heading on the first line of the file (and pushing down the frontmatter as a result). The new heading shows on my sidebar, but the other headings below my now pushed-down frontmatter are still not visible.
  • the above point only apply to .md files. When I tried adding first-level heading on .mdx files, nothing happens to the outline sidebar.

What I’m trying to do

I want to see the outline of my headings despite the first line of the file not being a first-level heading. Typora does this fine, including the case where there aren’t any first-level heading in the entire file.
Is this possible? Or is the outline core plugin just not compatible with files with frontmatter?

I’d love to be enlightened. Thanks in advance :custard:

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