Is Obsidian the right tool for me?

I am testing Obsidian for my personnal Knowledge base.
I am actually a One note user and my notes are essentially a collection of screenshot to document my professional knowledge base.
I see that I can copy/paste screenshot in Obsidian and they are added to the folder next to the .md files of my Vault.
It looks fine, but I just want to know if Obsidian is the right tool for this kind of usage.

Thanks for the advise

My vault is totally devoid of attachments of any kind. It’s totally text-based. I personally can’t see how I could benefit from pictures in Obsidian. Something like that could be done by apps like Things 3 (if that’s what you mean). Hopefully someone who uses pictures and attachments in Obsidian will give you some advice. I personally don’t see it working for me.

I understand that the power of Obsidian is in the way it can search words, tags, etc…

I’m very new to Obisidian but I can see it being useful even with a lot of images, you can reference the screenshots in a note that groups some photos together and start linking those notes. The power comes from linking the notes together, while you can’t link the photos themselves you can do it through notes.

A shortcut that will be great for you: CMD+E to toggle between edit and preview modes. In edit mode your screenshots will appear as:


When you press CMD+E they will show up inline.

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