Is Obsidian made for my usage?

Hi everyone!
I’ve been using Obsidian daily for four weeks now, and I was wondering if I decide to stay or to find another app. This is the reason of my questioning:

  1. I come from Tinderbox and TheBrain.
  • The first one is great, but, beyond 5000 notes, even with 16 GB of RAM, things become difficult to handle at once in Outline View, the process slows. In my case, I used too much notes to think my usage in long term.
  • TheBrain can handle so many thoughts and links, but its interface isn’t very ergonomic: for instance, you have to write on the right side, not in the center of your screen. And it is just one counter-argument.
  1. That said, I was wondering: up to how many notes can I use Obsidian?
  2. My usage of Obsidian is very simple, it is a Zettelkasten:
  • I take reading notes: one card by book (not 100 cards by book as I used in Tinderbox).
  • I take fleeting and permanent notes and use at least 1 internal link by note.
  • I don’t use any plugin.
  • I don’t store nor PDF nor pictures.

What is your opinion about that? I mean: how many notes could I create within my Zettelkasten?
Thanks for your answers.

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10,000 notes with ease:

100,000 no problem:


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