Is Obsidian connecting to Facebook?

Don’t want to stir up things here to be totally clear.
Looking at my connection manager (Little Snitch) I saw Obsidian being connected (or having made a connection with Facebook)?
I am not a big fan of FB therefor I denied every connection going out from Obsidian to FB.
Hope this doesn’t affect the working of Obsidian?

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I really hope they don’t connect to any site other than to their own for logging in or commercial license or github for plugins.

Obsidian connecting to FB or Google would be a rather big issue to me, I must say.

EDIT: Just checked with GlassWire. Looks all perfectly OK. Obsidian connects to and


Could it be a third-party plugin?

Here we go :smiley: In the post not many people care or like the ideas… Security of the plugins

No, we don’t. It’s either a plugin, or more likely an iframed content or page. Let us know if you figure out the cause.


@RikD: thanks for reporting this, I’ll be on my guard from now on.

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May we know which plugins you have installed?

Obsidian should only connect to and There is also which is the AWS site that actually hosts the updates on Github.

If you observe outgoing requests to any other site, it’s most likely from one of these sources:

  • External images such as ![](
  • <iframe> embeds.
  • Third party plugin that loads a remote resource.
  • Custom CSS with a background-image: url(...) (or alternatively background, list-style, list-style-image, content, cursur, border, border-image, border-image-source, mask, mask-image).
  • Custom CSS with a @font-face { src: url(...) }.
  • <audio>, <video> tags with src being an external resource.
  • Other possibilities from raw HTML tags.

Andy view and Dialy Notes calendar

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If you want to be sure, you could easily open the plugins code and see what they connect to.

Sorry @den not following that line of thinking at all!

Thx for mentioning.
I mentioned Chrome is also connecting to Facebook (which I also stopped). As Electron is built on Chrome I thought it behaved the same…

I don’t think connecting these two is not a good or smart evaluation so, I assume they won’t do that.