Is Obsidian a Markdown Operating System?

As I continue to grow my knowledge of Obsidian along with Dataview, Templater, and JavaScript, the more I come to a realization.
Obsidian is so flexible and scalable, capable of addressing diverse requirements, that it occurs to me that Obsidian is much more than an application. It is a “Markdown Operating System”

Basically using JavaScript you can do most anything from here. (Python when you’re not in Obsidian.)

Scalability to the point of breaking? Well, we don’t want to experience that.

But I agree you can query and customize everything down to any function and color as you like. It’s super cool…but…I need to go back to my writing now… :wink:

Exactly! That’s an great take on Obsidian. From a developer perspective, I think that Electron (upon which Obisidian is built) is the real powerhouse, allowing the extensibility in javascript that makes Obsidian so powerful. With that said, you’re totally correct that the developers have created something that completely transcends the idea (oops I almost said notion lol) of a note making app. There are so many fantastic critical decisions they’ve made along the way that the tool Obsidian started as has transcended to a higher level of usefulness.

At the risk of tech nerding out a bit in hopes of the dev team seeing this, I reallllly hope that eventually they will migrate from Electron to Tauri. In addition to a bunch of technical advantages and performance improvements, it would also make it so that could build more diverse backend plug-ins that aren’t reliant on NodeJS and could even perform note-related secure events that aren’t possible safely in javascript. (/sermon lol)