Is my vault secure?

Can Obsidian owners See my information in my device ?
if i use obsidian like browser with some plugin like surfing
Is my personal information secure?

Obsidian is a greet app

Is it a good idea to use obsidian with all this plugin and theme for personal information ?

Your files are stored completely locally and are not sent anywhere. There is no way the developers or anyone else can see your notes. Unless you specifically download a plugin that shares your documents or backs them up to a publicly available place. And the only plugins that do that are specifically meant to do that.

It could be possible that you could download a malicious plugin, however that is very unlikely. If you are working with like really really highly sensitive information I would recommend only downloading plugins that have been out there for a while and have a good reputation. But really I don’t think that is something you have to worry about much.

(themes have no capability to run code, so a theme should never be a security risk)

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