Is it save to use my 23GB hierarchical directory as a vault?

I am new to Obsidian and have questions regarding the setup:

I am a researcher at university and want to use it as a second brain for my research. I already have a ~23 GB directory with a deep subfolders hierarchy, which contains my article collection - mostly PDF articles and a few md/txt documents. I would like to use this directory as a vault. Can I just say do this or could there be issues? I was warned at the website of Obsidian that symbolic links inside the vault (and I have some symbolic links) could lead to issues, even data loss. What would I consider?

The reason for this approach is, that I want to have my markdown/txt files (that would explain/summerize those papers) in the same folders as the respective papers.

My whole OneDrive folder is my Obsidian Vault. No issues so far.
Same reason as you, to keep al related files together.

Almost 60GB ( Mainly from my pictures folder )

Backing up your files is always recommended - for anything.
In cause of an issue I can recover files with OneDrive

Any experience with symbolic links?

No experience with symbolic links tho, no

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