Is it possible to query a property such as this in dataview? "yield [g/L]"

Hi all,
I have notes with property names that are space separated and contain brackets. E.g., “yield [g/L]”.
I would like to query these properties using dataview like this:

yield [g/L]

This does not work. I tried replacing the space by a hyphen as described in the Dataview FAQ. However, to no avail.

Is what I’d like to even possible or am I running into some restriction?

Thanks for the input.

Try with

TABLE row["yield [g/L]"]
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Awesome, thanks a lot!

There is also a trick with doing:

`$= dv.span(dv.current()) `

This line will show you everything that Dataview sees in the current file, including the normalisation of “strange” property names like yours.

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