Is it possible to open a specific file when selecting a folder?

I’m hoping it’s possible or there is a plugin, which allows me to open a specific note when selecting a folder.

For example, if I select my Areas folder instead of just showing the notes inside - it should display the DB folder note or any other specified note.

Is that possible?

I think the plugin “Folder Notes” lets you create a note from a folder. So you could use the folder as the main note. Not exactly what you are saying.

Otherwise, I would explore more why you want to access a note this way, to see if there are other alternatives. Have you explored bookmarks yet?

Another alternative could be to make a note with some links to your most frequently used notes. And then pin that note in your sidebar. Then clicking the link will open the note in your main editor. (It would be like bookmarks, except this note could be totally custom and separate from your bookmarks. You could even add icons/images and formatting in this custom note.)

(There may be other cool workarounds.)

Thanks, Folder Note seems to be in the right direction. Thank you so much :pray:
And honestly, I really want to make a nice Dashboard. It’s all about finding time.

But was just wondering, as it annoys me every time I click a folder and nothing happens. And getting an overview of my notes in the folder would make sense to me. :smiley:

Clicking a folder should expand and collapse the folder contents. If that doesn’t happen, you might have an issue with a plugin or theme.

But I do hear you! Personally, I build my own dashboard in a note, and use Dataview and pin it in the right sidebar.

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