Is it possible to modify a theme and save as snippet?

Kind of a beginner question here, so I apologize in advance if this is answered elsewhere. I did do some searching and could not find it.

I was wondering if it is possible, without community themes enabled, to take the css of a theme, further customize it, and then use it as a snippet. I understand that I would have to have community themes enabled initially to download a theme as a starting point. If it isn’t possible with a community theme, I guess I would just mix and match snippets shared here and in the repositories people have kindly created on GitHub? Again, sorry if I am not making sense. This is an area of Obsidian, I have shied away from for some reason, but that is hopefully about to change.

If there is a process or a thread that explains it, could someone please point me in the right direction. Thanks so much! I have a single snippet in use that I occasionally add and remove from. But, I am now beginning to get interested in modifying css both to learn about css and to better customize different vaults for specific purposes.

Perhaps I am mistaken and this is not possible since things changed from the previous, now legacy css system. I am aware that having community themes enabled allows the themes to be updated and that wouldn’t be happening if I did things this way. Consequently, are there any issues or risks that could arise as I update Obsidian after customizing the css?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Sure. For any CSS you want to add in this way, you need to create one or more .css files in your snippets folder. (I say one or more because you could break down your customizations into different toggle-able sets, as desired. If you just plan on turning on one big set of customizations, they can all be in the same .css file.)

You don’t strictly need to download a theme from the gallery to take from them. All themes are published to GitHub—you can see their source there.

Copy and paste the bits of CSS you want into the aforementioned .css files in the snippets folder. Refresh Obsidian, then toggle those snippets on.


@ryanjamurphy: Thank you! This is exactly what I was hoping to hear. I had no idea that the themes were actually published there. Although, now that I say it out loud, I am remembering reading that countless times.

Good call on the multiple files tip. I am excited to get started.


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