Is it possible to link to a word inside my current file?

googled, but didnt find any relevant info

I’m trying to create a hyperlink, that doesn’t link to another file in my vault, but that links to another place inside the same file

im currently trying to bring my math script into obsidian, so i can 1. understand more 2. understand it better and 3. have it in my vault for future reference. for this i want to be able to link to a definition or part of my definitiont, that is in the same file, or maybe even in a different file. but i would like to be able to link directly to the place, where i want to have the user(probably me in like 2 months) continue reading, if they are interested (or just as a reminder)

Hi @Lovis, welcome to the Obisidian community!

Yes, you can link to targets within the same page. Obsidian supports linking to headers:

[[Page#Header]] (or just [[#Header]] if it’s on the same page)

and linking to arbitrary blocks of text using block ID markers.

You can read more about both types of linking here:


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