Is it possible to have a check list of items and then only taht are ticked show

Things I have tried

I have a long list of qualifications that i need to submit with documentation, it is a standard list and i dont always need them all.

Is it possible to put say a check against the items i want and only have thos show, so i can copy or export the result?

What I’m trying to do

Perhaps create a task list on a separate note that has each qualification and then use a dataview query to pull only the ones checked from that note. Might need a little custom css to remove the checkbox.

Thanks, I thought it might have something to do with dataview, but i am struggling to see how i put in the correct syntax for dataview to do this?

Any help much appreciated.

FROM "Examples"
WHERE (status = "x")
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Thank you.

Just tried thisand cant seem to get it to work?

I have a note called Qualifications, so have changed the FROM to that.

I have checked off a task in here but nothing is showing.

Am i doing something wrong?

You might have to add the full path if it’s in a sub folder.

FROM "Obsidian Examples/Qualifications"
WHERE (status = "x")

Sorry for this, so is the Obsidian part needed at the front?

The place is a folder Called Estimating and a note called Qualifications.

So I have entered “Estimating/Qualifications” as the path, is that correct as it still shows nothing or do I need to put something before the Estimating?

Can you post the the dataview query? so I can look at it?

That is what I am using above. So a folder called Estimating that has a note called Qualifications in it.

below is what I have in the Qualifications note

  • [ ] test chek
  • [ ] test check 2
  • [x] this check is selected.

So i was expecting to see the “this check is selected” item

Thanks for the help

stupid question:
you have the dataview tag added correct?


and the dataview plugin?

Ah!, I didnt know I needed the dataview at the top of the query. That has sorted it now.

Thank you very much for your help

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One final question, is it possible to remove the leading checkbox from the results?


That would be through some custom CSS targeting that page. I’m not that strong in CSS when it comes to Obsidian.

Ok Thanks

Yes, it’s possible.
If you want only the text of the tasks, then you can use a LIST or TABLE query.

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