Is it possible to give the center node in the local graph a different color?

The center node in the local graph is like the polar star.

However, when I set the Depth to a value more than 1, the center node is buried by the other nodes in the same color, and I just find myself lost in the graph.

I tried the group filter, it does not affect the center node.

I also tried the group filter like : file:/.*/, it can give all the other nodes a color different from the center node( which is in default color). However, with this group filter, all the other group filters are overridden and become useless.

Is there any way to give the center node of the local graph a color separately?

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You can make a new group: path: <path to node> to only change the color of one node. I do not believe that you can achieve the effect you want with custom CSS, so groups are probably the best choice. I was able to color one file at a time when making a group with its specific path.

I tried, but the method you mentioned does not change the color of the center node in the local graph. Or did make something wrong?

Can you make a test? I want to change the color of the center node (i.e. the node corresponding to the note which is opened in the active pane.) in the local graph.

Sorry—I thought you were referring to the regular graph view, not the local one. I can’t get the group filters “path,” “file,” or “tag” to work for the local graph filter either, so I created a bug report:

Even if my suggestion worked, you would have to change the path every time you switched files. You can create a feature request asking for the devs to add the feature you are looking for.


As the 0.12.12 has supported to render the center node a different color and also supported to customize the color via .css, I think this post can be marked as solved.

And I’m very happy about that! :smiley:

Please see the following link on how to adjust the center node color:

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