Is it possible to gain reference to the open note - to open it in another editor say or to reveal in Finder (on a Mac)

Why would I want to do that - sometimes when I am editing I would like the ability to move lines up or down - can do that in VS Code and since it is a markdown file can open the file in VS Code. And if I could open the note open in Obsidian in say VS Code that would be great - I can use Launchbar (on a Mac) or am open to using a script to access the file open in Obsidian.

I am thinking that it may be possible to use VIM bindings and do that - but am not sure what all is possible with VIM commands in Obsidian. Not that I know VIM but can try to learn.

Thank you!

Obsidian has a command+hotkey for Open in default app. This will open the active note in the default markdown editor set in your OS.


I sometimes edit in WriteMonkey and watch it update in Obsidian :slightly_smiling_face:

This is also possible inside Obsidian. There are configurable hotkeys for swapping lines up/down.


I activated the command palette but could not find the option to Open in default app. I did find Reveal active file in file explorer but that does not seem to do anything on my computer.

Would be a useful option and it seems it exists already.

Thank you - found the option to move lines. Will map the hotkey.

Oh, you need to turn the plugin on. I know that might not be obvious, but anytime you don’t see a command someone suggests, check your settings. :smiley:

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