Is it possible to create a 'Yesterday' button?

I have an index page that currently has a Today button, but it would be super helpful to have a yesterday button.

Current Today button:

name 📆 Today
type command
action Daily notes: Open today's daily note
color default

Ideally the Daily Notes plugin would need an ‘Open Yesterday’s daily note’ command, but I’m wondering if there are any workarounds. Something like a today-1 button.

This would point to my daily notes (_dailies/2022.01.11 etc.)

Thanks in advance.

The Periodic notes plugin would probably work for this.

Here’s the options available in the Command Pallete

Thanks, but that seems to only work when in a daily note. The command doesn’t even show up when in my index note.

Have you looked at the Buttons plugin? Lets you do some processing before executing a command.

Maybe on click, you can take today’s date, minus 1 to get yesterday’s date, and then link to a file with that name?

I am using the buttons plugin to do this. I was unaware you could do processing with that plugin. Sounds like it would work.

Are you referring to the Templater Button?

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