Is it possible to create a new note with the note that i'm currently on as the link?

Things I have tried

I’ve searched around but I could only find posts that mention “creating links that will become new notes once I click on them”.

What I’m trying to do

After I complete a note-A, let’s call it, and I want to create a new note-B.
But inside my note-B I want a link to note-A. Is there a plug in or any method to do this?

My current work flow is:

  1. complete note-A
  2. Open new note-B in new pane
  3. link note-A manually.

What I want is:

  1. complete note-A
  2. Use hotkeys, and voila I get new note-B and inside it already has the link to note-A.

I hope I’m clear enough !

My personal approach (learned from posts in this forum):

Activate the Note Composer core plugin, and configure it like this:

I created a template named note_composer in the folder that is configured for templates (in the core Templates plugin), which looks like this:


In the source, I select the text that will be placed in the new file. I press command-p to open the command palette and type “note composer” to select “Note Composer: Extract current selection”. I’m prompted for the destination, and enter the name of the new file and then press enter to create it.

No doubt there are seven other ways to do this, but this is the one that I like.

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