Is it normal that duplicating the inline field in one note delete it from the DVQ result?

What the problem (may be bug)

Hello. I tried to collect some information from all notes with TableView, that will contains inline field (remind:: DATE) and near it field (remind_content:: TEXT) in my daily note.

I think thar It’s can be normal not display many similar values with duplicating (1 or more times). But I think it shouldn’t delete it from query results. And should leave at least ones.

Duplicate from note

Not displays in table. But it displays correctly where it’s one attribute|field mention.

And another question

How can I use in one normal sentence two fieilds but display ALL of them as one object (which I also separate in two columns in the DVQ table) whether they repeat or not in the same file? Because it’s normal to remind myself a few tasks from one file.

I want to display all that objects that will be as normal words in sentence. But I want to create from two separated fileds one object to display it in query result table.

Can you help me with it? And check please is it bug or normal behaviour in first section.

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