Is it currently possible to use <img src="some internal link written here" >?

Hello! I’m a Obsidian Publish user.
I’m used to use html code as a workaround for the intrinsic limitations of markdown language when defining the size and position of images among text.

I already read in the forum that currently are some limitations using internal links, and that there are devs currently working on it, that there are “Electron issues about this topic”, and so on.

But I’m still not sure if I understood all the impact of this known issue:
Currently, is it possible to use where “some link” IS NOT https:// or http:// (which means, it points to a resource in another website)??

By the way, I already know that using “http or https” the links work normally, as expected.

Thanks in advance!


It’s definitely an Electron thing.
It works great on remote files.
I this link type a lot.