Is dataview link can be displayed as classical link in graph-view?

Hello all!
I’m new to this board and new obsdian’s user.

I’m using dataview plugin with it and i would like to know if a dataview query displaying
dynamics links can be viewed in graph view like a classical link or backlink ?

Sorry for my language, I’m not an english native speaker.

Thanks in advance.

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do


Dataview output is a dynamic render (not a real content): data + view.
So, the links produced aren’t real markdown links as the outlinks/inlinks (static links).
That’s the main reason because there’s no possible to see dynamic links in the graph-view.

Thanks a lot for your answer, that’s what i tought, I aked in case there was a hack to do it.

Maybe there’s a way with a complex javascript code using dataview and obsidian API. But that is outside my limited knowledge.

Thx @mnvwvnm for your reply I’m going to dig the point

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